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Default Had a hard time explaining difference between "army man" and policeman to 5 yo

"What the difference between an 'army man' and police man'

"Well, an army man often goes to another country and fights wars, protects people or catches bad people"

"Don't other countries have policeman to do that"

"Well, yes but army men are like special policemen"

"Do other army men come here"

"No, because ... (stumbling and thinking)"


"[Me dodging the question] Well army men often fly helicopters and air planes"

"But policemen fly helicopters too"

"But an army man's helicopter can sometimes have missles and special equipment"

"But can't they put that on police helicopter?"

"Well, I guess so but .... policemen say inside the country to protect people and catch bad people where army men can stay at home or go to a different country"

"Don't other countries have policeman to do that"

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