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Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Does that caddy come with a crushed velvet jacket, gold tooth and matching shoes?
You so funny!! Yeah, it's pretty "pimpy," but I love driving it!

This car was the pinnacle of luxury at it's time and was actually ahead of its time. Complete digital displays inside (except for the odometer, still a wheel gauge). 1st Caddy to offer digital fuel injection. The classic lines on this coupe still turn heads and their value as a collectible is rising nicely.

This El Dorado Biarritz was actually owned by a little old lady that drove it to church on Sundays. Dean Bailey (Dean Bailey Olds in Tulsa, OK) ordered this car with every available option as a gift for his wife, Betty, in 1985. When Betty passed away, her two sons kept the car on the showroom floor as a tribute to their mother for many years. I am the 2nd owner of the car. It has 18k original miles and runs and rides like it is brand new. I have all of the original paperwork, including the factory build sheet. And while I thought I'd drive it more, I've found myself only taking it out to cruise nights and other car events on a very limited basis. I don't want some idiot running into it and screwing it up.

I will say... I do get a kick out of watching people jump when I hit the factory-installed locomotive horns in it!! Yes, that was a real, orderable option!
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