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Originally Posted by triplenet View Post
Nice Caddy.... But I would take this over any american car made in the mid 70's and newer.....
Tanks! I like Beemers; I just can't drive one -- I'm too big. Looking at Rick's TR, hell, I'd never be physically capable of getting in it!

Several years back, I remember looking at a beautiful Mercedes 500 SL coupe -- oh, gorgeous car. But the way the steering wheel embedded itself in my appendix? Naaah, not for me. Same thing when I looked at the DeLorean's at the dealership back in the day -- the seats simply didn't go far enough back for me to drive it.

I have owned ONE foreign sports car, though - just like this one. Brand new 1980 280ZX Anniversary Edition. The cockpit was long enough that my legs fit and it was very comfortable to drive. Bitchin' fast, too! Loved that car! Life (wife, kids, etc.) eventually forced me to sell it. I kick myself for doing so, but needed something with more ass-seats.
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