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Many good points above. But the primary unresolved issueduring emergencies is still as it was sin 911,communications. An EBS type system is extremely important should your power be out and cell phones, cable and much commercial electronic communications fail. During Irene and the blizzard it was nearly impossible to get updated information - unless you communicated with an unaffected area. The radio stations all remained talk or music and,most are on a national or centralized format based system. I suggest the US military operate the system - Its our costliest agency but it works very well. And, lets face it if any very large scale emergency unfolds you need a military structure to address it and its gonna be the National Guard and USA Armed forces that are gonna do it. Appropriate local agencies also need to access as needed. Needless to say the broadcast stations need redundant emergency power source.

We also have to develop alternative energy resources simply for redundancy and do something about our reliance on centralized electric power.

You can have all the food water ammo fuel and such in your bomb shelter but if the underground worms (tremors comes to mind) come or some airborne poison or bacteria you may want to know that.

It would be good if they broadcast on all consumer bands - am, fm, ham whatever and cheap battery radios should be available to get the broadcasts, perhaps even automatically set to a predesignated national emergency frequency.

Most frequently returned item after Irene and after blizzard - generators and batteries....

Nobody returned their beer or booze to the best of my knowledge.