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Default Chipmunk repellent

Sometimes you just have to have a little fun...

My wife is planing to go with one of our daughters camping with the Girl Scouts, but before she could the Girl Scouts required her to take a camping course herself this past weekend. Now my wife has heard a rumor that the streetlights eventually do end at the edge of town, but she's never seen it for herself, if you know what I mean, so I thought this would prove to be interesting.

Anyway, she calls me Thursday from Bass Pro where she's trying to buy the items she needed from a list the Scouts provided:

"What else do you think I might need?"

"Well, take an epi pen since you're allergic to bees, and based on the time of year maybe some chipmunk repellent."

"Where would they have that?" My wife is from Peru and has absolutely no idea what a chipmunk is.

"You're in the camping department, why don't you just ask someone?" I could hear her proceed to ask one of the employees in the background.

"He said he doesn't know what that is"

"Maybe it was your accent" (She hates when I say that)

"It wasn't my accent!" (She really hates when I say that)

"Well, if it was me I'd take some along; I'm just saying..."

"What is it anyway?"

"Well, this time of year when it gets a little cooler, chipmunks are attracted to body heat and like to sneak in and sleep in your butt crack"

"You're an a**hole, did anyone ever tell you that?"

It's a wonder she's still with me. I am proud to say she did a great job and passed her camping course despite the fact that there were no streetlights at the campsite (or chipmunks... ).
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