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I almost bought the Bayou Classic last March. It is a great value with all of the accessories coming with the grill.

With that said, I ended up buying the Primo kamado. Primo is made in USA (Georgia) versus China. Also has a 20 year warranty for the ceramic parts. My recollection is that the Bayou Classic's warranty was short (maybe a year?). I'm not normally concerned about warranties with products I buy, but this is ceramics, not steel. My Primo actually developed a crack during early use. I got a replacement part in no time with no hassle, so I'd rank Primo customer service very highly.

Now, my public service announcement. When you buy a ceramic grill, whichever one you get, be very careful when it is hot (over 350 or so) and opening it up quickly. You have to vent them a little, as if you just rip it open it will produce a huge flame. Trust me, I know.

I debated on which one to buy for a long time (Primo, Bayou Classic at Lowes, Green Egg). I only wish I had bought my sooner as I use it all of the time now.
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