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Originally Posted by Snapper Head View Post
If you live anywhere, and you do not prepare for natural 'disasters' that have the strong potential to occur there, then yer a friggin idiot, and you deserve the misery you experience.

This applies irrespective of your sociopoliticaleconomicphilsophicalidiologialmarita lsexualeducationalcartoonpreferential status.

Prepare, or suffer greatly.

Big Al
Both kids (who used to make fun of my stockpiles and other "survival" equipment ) that live locally thanked me for teaching them to be prepared with the water wood flashlights food gas etc.

I learn something every time.

This time it was the broadcast TV signals are all digital now and you need a converter.

Those cheap aqua colored 6 gal. water storage containers Wallmart sells are worthless after a year 3 out of 4 had leaks - no doubt Chinese. Gotta find some better quality stuff (in case my generator fails and I have no water , and the pool is frozen or something).

I also keep the boat porta-potti in the basement as a back-up to the back-up. for the Mrs.

You can never have enough gasoline. I was asked very unexpectedly by a good friend for 5 gals. It was an easy call as 2 towns South there was gasoline. I will buy him a can for Christmas. I used to keep 6 5 gal. cans but think I will up that and rotate the stuff more often.

I am still using the same LED AA cell flashlights. Those things are great. You get lots of hrs. on batteries. Found a real bright lantern that uses 3 aa cells and can light a whole room or provide very even light for reading.

Its good to clean out unused crap from spare rooms - had many relatives here on and off throughout the week. It was actually good as it kept us busy. We are gonna clean out another room for the next unexpected event.

Keeping the freezer full makes a big difference. So if you have 2 days warning fill it up with water bottles.

These new hi efficiency refrigerators do NOT have more insulation. They have small motors. You need to run the generator about 10 to 12 out of 24 hrs to keep stuff frozen. The old ones have bigger motors and need about half the generator plug in time to get and stay cold.

Keep the manual for your generator handy. A spare sharp chain for the chainsaw also came in handy.

You can never have too much beer or whatever your liquid of choice is.

If you have all the right stuff these events can be a challenge and actually a lot of fun. I liked seeing the other guys on our road chipping in clearing the road. Another good excuse for some drinks that evening. It was in some ways almost a let-down when we got the power back.