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Originally Posted by Snapper Head View Post
C'mon, what's all the hubbub?

It's only soccer......

Big Al
Hey Big Al--you should know that one of the greatest soccer players of all time could only play while drunk:

George Best.

Check out this from wikipediea:

est suffered from alcoholism for most of his adult life, leading to numerous controversies and, eventually, his death.[37]

In 1981, while playing in the United States, Best stole money from the handbag of a woman he did not know in order to fund a drinking session. "We were sitting in a bar on the beach, and when she got up to go to the toilet I leaned over and took all the money she had in her bag."[35]

In 1984, Best received a three-month prison sentence for drunk driving, assaulting a police officer and failing to answer bail. He spent Christmas of 1984 behind bars and turned out as a player for Ford Open Prison.

In September 1990, Best appeared on an edition of primetime BBC chat show Wogan in which he was clearly drunk and swore, at one point saying to the host, "Terry, I like screwing".[38] He later apologised and said this was one of the worst episodes of his alcoholism.

Best was diagnosed with severe liver damage in March 2000.[39] In August 2002, he had a successful liver transplant at King's College Hospital in London.[39] The transplant was performed at public expense on the NHS, a decision which was controversial due to Best's alcoholism.[40] The controversy was reignited in 2003 when he was spotted openly drinking white wine spritzers.[37]

On 2 February 2004, Best was convicted of another drunk driving offence and banned from driving for 20 months.

(He's quite dead now--2005)