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Originally Posted by CaptWill View Post
kqmx got it right; that rig can be bought for less than 150k (pre-owned); was about twice that much new. That one is a 42'. The one's seen on the travel channel, etc. TV show, are Prevosts, and are more the tune of 1+ mil. This guy's got a nice setup, and although you can say he can rent a nice hotel suite, rent toys while there, etc., the RV has other advantages.

We have one, but it is only a 36' diesel pusher. I pull the Jeep, and have a porta bote, outboard engine and all the other boating stuff... anchor, PFD's, cooler, tackle, etc, in one of the storage bays. (boat is on the roof).

We go where we want, and if the weather sux, or we don't like the neighbors, I just turn the key, and go somewhere else. Sleep in my owne bed; use my own toilet and shower; coffee as I like it, even while I'm driving. We've owned a motorhome, and been traveling like this since 1987.

I was at a fuel stop when a guy pulled up next to me is a Prius. He looked over to me and said... "so what kind of mileage do you get with THAT thing."

I said: "well, for a car, it sux, but for a house pulling a car, it's really great". I actually get 8.6 to 9.0 mpg when loaded, and pulling my Jeep, at 62-65 mph. If I stay under 60, which I find hard to do, as driving that rig is like sitting on your living room sofa, then I get another mpg, and have got 11 mpg actual, when I drove to Iowa, without pulling a vehicle behind me.

I have a 45 Pusher use it in my business, all the comforts of home
we travel a lot. As much as We are on the road IT beats the hell of sleeping in a motel, As far as FUEL I will put My MPG up against GPH any day.
Being fully self contained has a great Benefit for Us
The Snow Birds Love them they can have their second Home anywhere !!
and if you have not been inside one of these Lately it might surprise a few people house nice these things are,
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