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Agreed. I must be reaching "geezerdom" because I seem to find more and more stuff objectionable, even though I grew up in the Navy and can curse up as blue a streak as anyone.

For example, my hot as hell niece posing in a hoodie with "F*** City" stitched on the front of it in big letters. I asked her why she would demean herself like that; why she would deliberately advertise she was easy or a slut, which to me, is what it implies. She pooh-poohed me away -- "You don't get it; it's a clothing line I'm helping to promote. It doesn't mean anything at all." WTF?

The shock value of the F-bomb is gone, I guess, but no way in hell I (or any girl I knew growing up) would have gotten away with wearing ANYTHING with the F-word on it, period. At 56 years old, I still wouldn't wear anything out in public with the F-word on it.