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Originally Posted by Glen E View Post
I replaced a 3210 with a 4210 - hole needs to be about 3/8 inch all the way around bigger...I would try to use the nmea 2000 antenna - setting up the free NMEA 2000 backbone supplied can only help you in the future...
I have the 3/8's for the cutout.
Maybe I should pull the wire. Long term plan is to add radar and autopilot. That is part of the reason of going to the 4210.


Originally Posted by sandyda View Post
Download and print out (on bigger paper than a letter-size printer, try a print store) the cutout template for the 4210. Realize that the unit is inches deeper that the 3010C, and the plugs require even more space behind. Six inches (she said) isn't enough.
I have quite a bit of room behind the 3010, at least 10" at the bottom but only maybe 3-4" at the top because it tapers down. I don't have picture here to show that angle and the boat is at the coast.

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