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Originally Posted by Moonlighter475 View Post
I think that your problem may be the engine interface you have, rather than the LCX. This is because the engine info is stored on the interface, not on the Lowrance.

I had a very similar problem with my setup (Suzuki 115 4 stroke, NMEA2K network with 2 x Lowrance HDS 5's. Every time I turned the engine off I lost the engine hp, year, etc. Very frustrating.

The solution was a software update for the Suzuki engine interface cable, which was a file emailed to me from Lowrance, copied it to an SD card and then uploaded via the HDS5. Once that was done, the settings were then retained.

If you have a Suzuki engine, I have a copy of the interface software update file and can send to you if you like - PM me with you email address and I'll send to you.

You can check the interface software version in the bus devices menu, open the interface and it should tell yo the software versiion somewhere there. The latest Suzuki version is V 2.30.

If you have another engine brand, it would be worth checking with Lowrance to find out if there is a software update for the interface - incidentally, they do not list the interface software updates on their website, you have to contact them and find someone who is familiar with the NMEA2K stuff!

Hope this helps.


Maybe. My unit is interfaced with Etecs. If that were the issue though I should be able to start the eninges, turn on the LCX, set the settings, leave the engines on, turn off the LCX and turn it back on without stopping the motors and I shouldn't lose my config right? I'll go try it tommorow and see what happens.