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I have the 14 X 40 Fujinon's and they are great, but I like the radar better. I get tired looking through them all day, and I can't see as far as the radar. i have a 25kw open furuno 1964. The Binocs help me id stuff when I get 3-4 miles out, the radar sees to the horizon of 10.5 miles. Also, it finds sticks and floating stuff that I can't pick up with the binocs very easily. It also works while I'm running, which is hard with the binocs as I don't want to hit a log or something...

But back to your question, I have used my friends boat that has the new Garmin bird radar and it's...emmm...not really that great. He can see boats, but he misses 95 percent of what I see. You can see huge huge flocks of birds after you get experienced with using it. But never at distance, maybe 3 miles which I could see with binocs.

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