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Probably quite similar, the rotary button makes the fishfinder part of NSE as easy as FCV-585 to use. The menus of NSE are very well organized and easy to find.

If you want the most user friendly unit on the marked you should go NSS12 in stead of NSE12. NSS has both the rotary controller, a few buttons as well as tochscreen. This is the best from both worlds when it comes to user interface. The drawback is that the NSS chassis is not as rugged as NSE and NSS is a bit slower than NSE. NSE is probably the fastest plotter on the marked, so even if NSS is slower than NSE it's faster than Garmin 4010. NSS is running the same software as NSE and can do exactly the same except from video output.

I recently bought a NSS7 in addition to my other units just to be able to check it out, and I'm very impressed by the user interface of NSS, as well as by the unit in general.