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Default Dome Radar For Finding Birds????

Ok, finally bit the bullet and bought another boat. 25 contender currently has an old dome radar on it that works fine for weather/navigation. I would need to move outriggers/antennas, etc to put an open array on it and I dont want to do that. I have noticed that Raymarine's new HD domes have a mode for finding birds. (Raymarine RD424HD 4kw) Could anyone WITH EXPERIENCE tell me if it is reasonable to find birds with this unit or a similar unit, and how effectively. The only reason I say WITH EXPERIENCE is because I know the old rule is 6kw open array at a minimum but technology is always moving forward. I dont want to spend a bunch of money if it will not do the job.
I am not a newbie and have owned boats with open array in the past (I am only mentioning this so no one answers with too much info assuming I dont know anything about radars or finding birds)
Thanks in advance for any info.

P.S. I didnt buy the boat strictly for tuna fishing but it would be nice a couple times a year.

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