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Although I didn't agree with it...

My brother and I have a Raytheon 41xx open array radar and a Simrad Broadband radar on our 32ft Luhrs convertible. The broadband radar is hooked up to a NSE12. Besides the NSE's radar, GPS and sounder, we have a completely separate system which came with the boat. Raytheon radar and sounder, Garmin GPS.

Simrad recommended that the dome clears the array by at least 1ft. The Seaview antenna mount we have we have is 24" and is slightly shy of clearing the array by 1ft but any bigger and it would look ridiculous as it already does in my eyes. Looks like a flagpole on the boat.

After getting a mounting plate welded to our tower, buying the seaview mount and re-wiring both systems to work flawlessly, I think it was more trouble then it's worth keeping the older equipment. My brother never turns the old stuff on at all after seeing how well the NSE setup works and how intuitive it is.

Maybe it would make more sense with your equipment as it's not as old.

**Forgot to mention, very important. YOU CANNOT USE PULSE AND BROADBAND RADAR AT THE SAME TIME**

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