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Originally Posted by Jay A View Post
Here's a a couple of questions:
Why is there a trail in the mud?
Did you have the engine down and in gear while it scoured the trail?
Did you not try to get back in deeper water when it got too shallow?
There's a trail in the mud cause I was moving slowly through the mud trying to get back to the deeper water. Yes the motor was down, but tilted up. We tried everything to get back to the deeper water, tossing the anchor and pulling, poling, I even got out and tried pulling us through it but all that accomplished was me sinking down to my waste in pluff mud. It was a large mud flat at the mouth of a small creek off of a main channel. No GPS, no map, just a depth/fish finder and that doesn't tell you what is in front of you!! No damage, just loss of "valuable" fishing time!

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