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Default Transducer/Fishfinder freq. question

I've done a bit of reading about these over the last couple of months and for some reason I always thought 200khz would show a wider range of fish than 50khz. Like if there was a bunch of fish off of the bottom in 150 feet, you would be able to see them in better definition (for a lack of a better term) in 200 khz.

But the other day when I was out fishing with my newly installed c80 and 1kw m260 I had the fishfinder in split screen mode with 50/200khz and fish were showing on the 50khz side better.

I have everything on auto settings. What a big difference between it and my Garmin 526s though. I don't know if it's just the screen size or what, but I can see fish like nothing compared to with the Garmin.

Anyway, what's the deal? Was I wrong in thinking that 200 khz would be better for me? I normally fish banks in the 130-400 feet range.
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