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I would have replaced the HDS-7 combo unit with a Simrad NSS7. Will interfrace flawlessly with the Lowrance equipment. NSS has a combined touch, rotary controller and buttons user interface. Much simpler to use than anything else on the marked. I use normally my NSS7 as a fishfinder, but when I shall create a new route for my HDS-8, I use the NSS for creating the route. When iterface to HDS by Ethernet the route will immedeatly show up at the HDS screen.

If you budget and space allows I would have considered HDS-8. HDS-7 screen is only 6.4", HDS-8 is 8.4". This is a difference in screen area of about 80%.

You should consider the AIS version of the VHF called 2150, there is also a 2100 version available, but this will not interface with HDS-7. The 2000 model you are planning to buy only has AIS display capabilites not a built-in AIS receiver as 2100/2150.

I guess the Simrad compass should be RC42, not RC45.
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