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The GSD 26 & BSM-1 both being CHIRP are in a world of their own and will outperform any recreational tone pulse sustem now on the market.

But considering "regr61 " is fishing in 30' to 120' of water he may not need CHIRP and CHIRP'S higher cost.

The GSD 24 is only $600 vs $1700. for a GSD26.

A B60 transducer for the GSD 24 is $195. ans will work just fine in 120' while a CHIRP transducer l such as a Tm265 will run over $1100.

So comparing $795. to $2700. and fishing in less than 120' the GSD 24 might be a good value for those fishing conditions.

An excellent stand alone fish finder that is just as good as the FCV 620 is the new Si-tex SVS650.
Both ship with the Airmar P66 and have 600 watts power output. The SVS 650 has a larger screen and even has a ten screen shot memory capability..and is $200 less than the FCV620 selling at $650 including transducer.



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