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Default Raymarine E120 key problem

Hey Guys,
I'd thought I give you all a shot at my problem. I have a E120 that has been updated to v5.52, which didn't help this problem.
When I first turn on the machine, the first screen asks me to push the OK button. Which I do, but it takes several times, pushing the OK button, for the screen to pass. After I get to the main screen and push the data button the setup screen comes up and it takes several times on pushing the cancel button for the screen to pass. The main buttons that I am having trouble with are the OK, Cancel and the Data buttons. It's as if the CPU is crashing or has a virus.

I have no history on the machine as I bought it on EBay, and if it is a simple fix, I'll keep it. If not I will have to contest it thru PayPal and get a refund.

Any help would be appreciated.

The bezel is off and when I push a key the unit beeps, so I can assume that the keys are not stuck and are working (mechanically).


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