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Default RE: Simrad AP12 --- Anyone Have One? Opinions

The simple truth about autopilots is that when you find it easy to steer they find it easy to steer, and conversly in conditons where it is difficult for you to hold a course they have trouble too. The more you pay for the autopilot presumably the less trouble it has.

Holding a boat on course at low speed isn't a problem, holding one on course at low speed in the wind is. Its a problem for you and its a problem for an auto pilot. On a scale of 1 to 10, with worn out mechanical steering being a 1, Hydraulic alone being a 4 I'd put a RayMarine SportPilot Plus at about a 5, the AP-12 at about a 6 and an AP-11 at about a 8. From what I hear about those new TR-1's they should be about a 9 or 10, but then they cost as much as a V-8 Replacement short block .... installed.