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Default RE: Simrad AP12 --- Anyone Have One? Opinions

Thom/Mark and all,

Thom beleive we have chatted here before, I too enjoy your experiences. I have been wondering which AP to get for awhile now, there has been a lot of traffic concerning the TR1 and SG1 and others, all have thier advantages/disadvantages. My main concerns is the rudder feed back, not sure if I really want to hang something else back there. I am probably making more of an issue then it needs to be but anyway...

I must say Mark, I have been following your posts on this very topic, you have been informative and assuring. I may just need to try this unit!

I have a 25' C-Hawk standard cabin with two steering stations, both have the Sea Star hydraulic units, I do most of my fishing in the Chesapeake bay region and rarely are my trips more then 30 miles out. I mainly need the AP for slow trolling (2.5 to 3 MPH), I fish by myself and set as many as a dozen lines, how does this unit work at those slow speeds? I do not need an AP with tons of bells and whistles in fact I will rarely, if ever use some of those features however, I do need one that works reliably.

I don't see why I would need a unit with a display, especially since I don't have a lot of room on the console, that would be just one more thing I would have to find room for but, the remote control would be nice.

Bottom line is all I need is a simple AP that works!