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Default RE: Simrad AP12 --- Anyone Have One? Opinions

Offshore that was a great summary! I was planning on having the unit installed professionally but after I received some quotes ($750 or more) I'm seriously thinking about tackling the install myself. I'm pretty handy but of course I've never done anything like this before. I have a couple questions for you:

1) How did you know to order the Teleflex kit? I have SeaStar but need to figure out what capacity cylinder I have.

2) How did you know where to locate the pumps? My initial thought was to put everything in the Console ... I saw where someone thought the pump should be installed in the bilge area but I kinda like your idea about keeping everything centrally located.

3) How experienced where you dealing with Hydraulic systems. I have very little experience dealing with Hydraulics - thus the reason for being apprehensive about doing this myself.

I'm sure I'll have a hundred more questions when I begin (if I choose to do it myself) so any other suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.