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Originally Posted by tomulrich View Post
I have two 5212 Garmin units....just paid 700 to have one unit repaired (wouldnt start back up after use)

Now....a new problem........after using the units for a while......they lock up.....and the power buttons wont turn them have to unplug /replug the power cables then the unit works fine....which is a pain

probably looking at another getting rediculous......

let me know your thoughts

Both of them lock up? ;?

I'm assuming they are networked together so your first troubleshooting step is to disconnect the network cable and see if it's one unit or the other.

Another possibility is an electrical problem on your boat. Too high or low voltage to the units, or electrical "spikes" (very short periods of high voltage) often caused by starting or stopping of motors, pumps, etc.

BTW: The one you just had repaired may be under warrantee.