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Default Ray E-120/DSM-300 Issues & Rewire

I have a E-120, DSM-300 & M260 1KW In hull ducer.

Im getting the "Lost DSM message" & " No Data Source" most of the time I use the boat.

When the sounder is working, it doesnt read the bottom well when running
25+mph. I checked the oil level in the ducer box, it was fine. I also made
sure the correct ducer was selected on the E-120

So far I did a exchange for a new DSM-300 through RM, the software on
the 120 is the lastest, I replaced both house & starting batterys & a new
dual circut battery switch.

I want to rewire the house battery to the "house battery switch" with
#2 (approx 8ft) and the battery switch to the fuse block with #8 (approx 6ft) ancor quality cable. The neg side of the house battery would be #8
the the neg side of the fuse block (approx 12')

Question is 8ga heavy enough or do I need 6ga with the voltage sensitive
Ray stuff?