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Default Lowrance Customer Support

I was in the market for a ff/gps/chart plotter. I really liked the Lowrance HDS but was a little scared because of all of the posts I read about really bad customer service.
I took my chances and bought the HDS-5.

Worked great for 2 weeks, then it started randomly losing the bottom. Made it really hard to fish as it would just come and go as it pleased.
After trying everything, I emailed Lowrance, thinking in the back of my mind "here we go"

I emailed them the Friday before Labor Day so even with good customer service, I did not expect to hear back from them until late the following week.

About as expected time wise, I heard back from them today. Not at all as expected the reply to my email was just asking me for my address etc and they said they would get a new transducer out to me.

Maybe they were bad in the past, but I honestly could not have asked for anything more. I did email them with everything I tried and apparently that was sufficient for them.
Personally, this is the kind of customer service that keeps me coming back.

I was sort of on the edge about buying the LSS-1 and then at some point in the future, getting the HDS-8. No more on the edge. I will be ordering one as soon as I get back from Florida (fishing trip to Cape Coral).

We always hear the bad about companies - well here is some good.
I give them a 2 thumbs up.