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Where I am at, if you have more than 3 and less than 5 bathrooms the incoming line from meter to the home has to be 1" on a 3/4" water meter and at least 1" to the first bathroom,3/4" to the other 3. 6 Bathrooms to 8 the meter increases to 1" and the main line is no smaller than 1 1/4" with 1 1/4" main in the home. The last home we just plumbed had 7 baths, 1 1/2 meter, 1 1/2" main to home, 1 1/4" main to the first three baths then 1" to the others. The water heaters were large Rinnai's split system(2 units feeding 4 baths with 1" hot, and 1 unit feeding 3 baths 3/4hot)

If it was my place I would see if the meter can be changed to a 1" and run a 1 1/4" service.
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