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Not all jellyfish stings should be treated the same way. Vinegar will cause the stingers (nematocysts) in the tentacle of Man O' War (which isn't actually a jeyfish) to fire increasing the severity of the sting.. Scrape the Man O War tenticles off with a credit card then rinse it with salt water. When it's clean apply hot fresh water as hot as you can comfortably tolerate to break down the toxin and alleviate the pain.

Vinegar or household amonia is used to deactivate the nematocysts in jellyfish but it doesn't treat the sting. Dry meat tenderizer or baking soda made into a paste with salt water put on the affected skin will help relieve pain.

They have suntan lotion that has a chemical in it that prevents the nematocysts from firing. It's expensive but it works.
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