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Originally Posted by kaptharv View Post
Very good advice.

I use amonia. Straight amonia. Provides instant relief. The stuff I got, the fumes from it was used to develop blueprints.I cut it 1:4 with water. However, some of the heavy duty cleaners have 10% in them.
A paramedic who worked over at the coast said to use windex or any window cleaner with amonia in it.

All that said, I like the eye candy in the clip better.
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Don't use ammonia. Somebody somewhere who reads this and has access to ammonia in its uncut form will try it and end up with frostbite as well as passing out because their throat shut down from the fumes.

Your so called straight ammonia is nothing of the sort. Its been reduced with water or another compound. A couple drops of the real stuff and you'll be running for the hills.
I just retired as a refrigeration tech that specialised in ammonia refrigeration.
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