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Originally Posted by casualc View Post
I have a Porter-Cable 5250. It'll run the house lights, electronics, refrigerator and a small ac, with no problem. I have a pigtail that runs off my breaker box. You need to throw the main breaker so power won't go to the street. It is not quiet but when the ac is running who cares? I think it was around $500.00, sits there doing nothing now but it's priceless.
Myself I dont see the need to spend thousands when a simple generator will get you buy till the power companies turn you back on unless you need a huge one for heat. I heat and cool both with electricity but have back up gas for heat if we are hit with a ice storm which i've been without power for 1.5 weeks but a 5000 watt generator ran everything we needed back then and my 3000 Honda eu is on the back porch now humming along. Took the one off the front of the truck and using that cause the EU's are super super quit.
For up north where ice really can cause outages and if you do or didn't have a back up system put in your home I can see spending the huge amount of money it going to cost but down south, most of us live off the smaller generators and I'm getting 24 hours on 3.5 gals with the ECO throttle control on the honda running fridge, freezer, what lights I need , 52" tv and been forcing myself to have grilled dolphin, steak & patato's enjoying a few cigars on the front porch. I am sleeping with a fan instead of AC but was 74 here this morning and had to cut the thing off. Hoping to get the power on today.
Money buys happiness (generators that cost) but if you don't want to sink that much into something you may use only once a year or maybe never, a good 3000 to 7500 watt will get you by with flying colors.

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