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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
The Misses was watching a CNN live broadcasting of the storm. CNN had many different reporters reporting from many different locations up and down the eastern shoreline.

Well this one reporter for CNN was flopping all over the place as if the wind was trying to blow him into the next county, when there was a handful of civilians standing in the background acting like it was a perfectly clear and calm day.....I had to hang my head in almost laughter.

This other reporter for CNN was standing on a beach commenting on how the wind was almost blowing him off his feet and that he needed a pole to hang on to, yet the scruff brush around him was almost still.

Yet another reporter for CNN was taking shelter behind a building corner because the storm/ wind was blowing him every which way but Sunday, yet the trees in the background were barely swaying in the breeze.

So what's the motto, no news is news unless it is BIG news?
Saw one where a pizza delivery went by.
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