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Originally Posted by thajeffski View Post
Well - it was the worst storm I've seen here in my lifetime of 30 years. Highest storm surge ever. 100mph IS a bad storm dude. You are doing exactly what this thread is about. People dismissing this storm as "Not a bad storm" geeze.

Where are you located, "dude"? It was by far NOT the worst I've seen in my 54 years. I sat thru Bonnie near the eye and she was blowing 105-110 and she wasn't a bad storm. Damage and flooding "yes". Like Fla4life said, Andrew and Katrina were bad storms. Hugo was a bad storm. A Cat 1 can cause damage and fatalities and it is tragic but my point is that a Cat 3 or 4 would have been exponentially worse. Dude.

BTW, that pic you posted of Hwy 12 in Hatteras is mild compared to the numerous times it's been washed away before.

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