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Originally Posted by Shag View Post
I don't think anyone said it wasn't a bad storm. It just didn't turn out nearly as bad as the sensationalistic weather "journalists" said it was. Even when it weakened they kept trying to hype it up. Yesterday I heard one say "well, the category doesn't matter". Why can't they just say, "wow, this wasn't as bad as expected.

Yes there was massive damage and fatalities which is always very sad. However, it made landfall at 100 MPH which isn't a bad storm. If it had hit the Carolinas as a 3 or 4 and then the NY/New England area as even a 2 things would have been 100 times worse.
Well - it was the worst storm I've seen here in my lifetime of 30 years. Highest storm surge ever. 100mph IS a bad storm dude. You are doing exactly what this thread is about. People dismissing this storm as "Not a bad storm" geeze.
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