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are you looking for a portable unit or a true fixed back up generator?

If you want a fixed backup generator, a natural gas unit is the way to go. 50amp will do. 100 would be better. These units start at the absence of power, automatically isolate the house from the outside wiring (so you don't put current into the outside wiring, this protects the linemen), they cycle themselves at set intervals to keep everything lubed up...

For a portable unit - the fuel source is up to you. A 20-30amp unit will be large, loud and suck some fuel. A 10amp unit will not handle much. To hook this into your homes electrical system, you will need a anti backfeed breaker. Same reason as above - no current can leave the house.

Don't forget about all the other small current draws in a house, and don't forget about winter. Lights, hotwater, cooking, heat... all that adds up.
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