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I am not sure about how much money you are looking to spend but Guardian stand by generators are some of the most economical stand by units around and they can run on Natural gas wich can be a big plus. If you are looking to go for the most inexpensive way look for a 5500 watt gas generator that is mobile run the 30 amp plug to your 220 side on your house electrical panel and you will have all the power you need for what you mentioned.
I live in Daytona and we have had our share of Storms in the last decade. We use a Briggs and Stratton 5500 watt constant and 6500 starting watt generator that plugs in on the side of the house directly to my 220 side on the house panel. I can run all the lights in the house, fridge, freezer, window unit. We cook on the gas grill and we do without hot water. I can not run the Central AC or the hot water heater at all when on Generator power. My parents live in the Keys they have a 20kw gaurdian generator that runs on Propane, when the power goes out it automatically switches over and there generator runs everything AC, water heater, fridge, multiple freezers, electric stove. I like there set up but they loose power down there on a regular basis.
The diesel gensets are pricey but you can find some decent used ones on Craigslist
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