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Default How would you handle this

I have lived in my house next to my neighbor for over 8 years. We are nice to each other saying hi everytime we see each other. We have hosted neighborhood gathering several times.
Today when I woke up I see three white flags in between our house starting at the street going for 15-20 feet. My wife brought it to my attention and wondered if he was mad. I saw him mowing his lawn and said hi and he ask to speak to me for a second. He said that my lawn guys have been mowing the strip of the bordering property(there is no fence or border to identify the two areas).
We each have a nice section land and the guy cuts his lawn with an electric push mower. I told my lawn guys to cut the entire bordering strip as a favor to him. He said he was told that if I mow his area for 7 years I can annex it to my property. I never would ever think nor do anything like that. I am kinda offended that he would think that I would do anything like that.

Should I let it go, say something, pay for a survey have two property clearly marked, put up a fence? Dont know how to think or why he would even think that.
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