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Stop the sonar while your getting the log file set up or working working on something else like Overlay data. Once you start the sonar simulator the stop sonar radio button will need to be unchecked otherwise the file won't "Play".

I use the stop sonar function to prevent transducer damage and turn it ON while the boat is still on the water on the return to the launch ramp. Then I don't have to quickly turn it on when I'm checking something or transferring files at home.

YES, The emulator was a great tool but as you've discovered that only works for the LCX and earlier units. I suppose that the slower economic times have hit Lowrance as well and some things just aren't high enough of a priority.

You might send Lowrance technical support a request for a HDS emulator. I think that if enough people ask they might be able to find the time. I think that the emulator probably also helped with sales as people could download the emulator and check out the unit of their choice.