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Default Lowrance HDS lsonar log - gps position ?

I recently bought a Lowrance HDS-5, still learning how to use it. Went out the other night and basically just cruised around playing with it. I have a 2gb card so I starting logging the sonar, thinking I could go back home, view it on my computer and be able to find any nice structure I missed and go back and fish it later.
Loaded the file in sonar viewer - works great. I didn;t actually realize how many fish were under me (Tims Ford lake, really deep reservoir)
Question - I guess I did not do this correctly, but I do not see any gps data on the log anywhere. How do I correlate the sonar with where I was ?
Say I find a nice piece of structure and it looks like crappie are hanging all over it, is there anyway to go back and get the gps info for that location ?
Any help appreciated.