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Ok, we recorded the webinar. It has about 5 minutes of dead time in the beginning, but if you would like to see it, send me a PM and I will forward you a link. I am going to attempt to do a cleaner version that will hopefully be available soon on our tutorial page.

Originally Posted by Pro251wa View Post
RipCharts altimetry maps are what sold me on RipCharts when I signed up several weeks ago. And I liked the ability to overlay altimetry and bathy and currents.

Philip... by using the chlorophyll 3 day composite map above, are you saying that using a 3 day composite image of chlorophyll for the most recent three day period is an accurate depiction of the location of chlorophyll and is therefore fishable?

Similarly, what is your opinion about the SST 3 day composite map for the most recent three day period? Is it fishable?
Glad to have you as a customer, thank you for the business

Our composites are created by compiling all available imagery for the last day or three days up to the point of the creation of the composite. If at all possible, utilize a recent granule, as they will be more recent than composites. However, composites have their purpose, they can create more complete image when clouds are problematic and/or when the satellites do partial scans of your area for that day and the composites will stitch the images together. And since there were no complete granules off naples yesterday, I grabbed a 3 day for usage and illustration.

To answer your question whether a 3-day is fishable... it depends. However, if you have nothing else to work from, then you use what you can. A three day can definitely be fishable. But water does move, so be mindful. That is why we limit ourselves to a 3day composite, anything beyond that is really pushing the limits and not necessary other than creating a pretty picture.

Feel free to call me at your convenience and I will walk you through what I look for and how to handle various situations and hopefully give you a deeper understanding of the datasets.


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