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Originally Posted by idletime View Post
Altimetry - For whatever reason, this seems to be the "in" thing this year....
I'd say there are at least three reasons for this: The altimetry imagery doesn't depend on satellites and cloud cover so we can have a look every day; the concept is simple to understand; and, the maps are easy to read.

We all know there's nothing vendors can do about the weather, however waiting days on end for some consistent information from the SST's and Chlorophyll charts when the cloud cover is ruining the shots isn't good for anyone when the winds are nice and you're itching to fish. Add to that the problem with phantom cooler areas appearing on maps giving false temp break readings when clouds are present and it's really no wonder that the crisp, clear and reliably present albeit 24-hours-old altimetry data is a hit.

Altimetry won't be the only tool in the shed, but when you want a tool you know it's there.

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