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Default A little more chronology about their tech support (LONG)

An interesting thing happened after my last post. Someone from Navico saw the post. Someone who is high up in the customer service area contacted me via a PM and asked if they could be of help. To partially quote "I would like an opportunity to discuss the issues you are experiencing to see if we cannot find resolution to your issue as well as to address the apparent lack of response recently. Please email me". I was also provided a phone number. Interestingly I had a discussion and email exchange with this very individual back in April when I had problems with tech support during installation. So I emailed him back with copies of my prior emails to remind him that we had corresponded before. That was on June 14. So far...silence, no reply no call. I'm sure that eventually when I write to the CEO of the company I'll hear that my email got caught in a spam filter even though we had communicated before. There were discussions about other issues back then involving rebates which were supposed to be looked into and there was no follow up from this individual, nor was there follow up with the tech rep (to the best of my knowledge) about my problems. I have during the course of my career, been responsible for customer service. When I delegated something to someone else, I followed up. I believe that it was Pres. Reagan who said "Trust but Verify" in speaking about nuclear disarmament. It applies to subordinates as well. Maybe Navico will get the message when no one buys their products anymore.

Now, back to the issue at hand. I now have 2 separate and distinct systems on the boat. A pair of transducers on either side of the keel, to a Y cable feeding an LSS1 which connect to the NSE 12 via a proprietary cable.
I have a transom mounted transducer, feeding to an LSS 1 with a proprietary cable which can be connected to the NSE 12 simply by unplugging the other cable and substituting this one. Ther has been little if any change in the underwater view. I can still drive by a buoy at low speed and not see the chain or the mooring, but sometimes I see what looks like a thread leading down from the surface. Sometimes I see rocks but NEVER see a wreck from the side. All of this is in less than 60' of water where performance should be optimal. Both frequencies have been tried.
I'm just going to sit back now and wait to see how much longer it will take tech support to do something about this. I will keep the members here posted.
At some point when I have the time, I'll post all of my emails and responses since April and you will all see what I hav been up against.

In the meantime, I have contacted Humminbird and they have a very nice Professional Charter Boat program. I'm going to look into it.