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Originally Posted by Joe View Post
I have a '98 Sentra with 128k miles I have been driving to work that is going to need some work. Rather than try and sell it for $500-$1000--and deal with the folks who would be buying a car that price--I'd just as soon donate it. How does that work?

Do they have to sell it first and let me know how much they get for it before I can deduct that amount from my taxes, or is it done from NADA or book value? I looked at the kidney foundation page and didn't immediately see an answer. Anyone done this? How does it work?
A junk yard might buy it for $300-400 bucks. Call one. It is just as easy as taking in the title and they give you a check. You can then buy a dinner or give the cash to your favorite charity. This transaction will be completed in about 10 minutes.
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