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Originally Posted by Joe View Post
...The point here is, I'm sure i can sell it, but I'm not sure I really want to deal with the folks who are looking for a $1000 car.
For me, the biggest point to get across to you is transfer of title. Even if the car is only worth $25 dollars, make sure you move the car out of your name. I have heard (and was close to being mixed in the middle of) some nasty situations. If you give someone a car and it is not transfered out of your name and someone gets hurt in the car, the cops (and lawyers) will come knocking on your door. Under NO circumstance do you take the word of a tow truck driver or charity director that the title will be transfered out of your name. YOU do the paperwork or YOU will remain liable for anything that happens in association with the car.

Just trying to help.
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