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The car might be worth $1000..maybe less. A/C doesn't work, headliner is falling down, and today, it started acting as if it may need a new starter. I paid $300 for it from a neighbor who was moving--I honestly have no incentive to put much, if any, money in it.

About 13 years ago I "inherited" a car from my grandmothers estate. I say inherited..'cause noone else wanted it, so I got it. It needed tires, a paint job, ran like crap, and when the a/c died..I decided to sell it. I was asking $1200..and most folks who called about it wanted me to finance it for them..and one young lady, who lived in public housing, wanted me to bring it to her to show it to her. The dude who ended up buying it wanted me to deduct for all the work it needed-had I done that I would have owed him the car and about $1500. I think I eventually sold it for about $900 because I finally told him "that's the price, take it or leave it". A few weeks later he kept calling me asking me about stuff that was wrong with it. I eventually told him to quit calling me..he paid $900 for it--and it's not new. The point here is, I'm sure i can sell it, but I'm not sure I really want to deal with the folks who are looking for a $1000 car.

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