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Originally Posted by Gunnerdog59 View Post
Well this looks like fun so off I go and buy a boat. Well just finished browsing some thread here about newbies on the ramps. And boy my blood pressure went up just thinking about launching for the first time. Kind of like asking my Dad about sex. Maybe I will camp on the dock for a day or two and watch the zoo. We here in Idaho only have weeks to boat, just the nature thing. Also I am first timer on this forum. I am looking for GOOD advice and seem to not take criticism well. Maybe should have taken up shuffle board. Nope I'm going to be a boat Captain, someday! Can't wait to read all the advice. Bring it on.............
  • Kicking back at a public ramp for a day isn't a bad idea.
  • Make a checklist.
  • Don't feel pressured and take as much time as you need. Everyone else will have the same opportunity when it's their turn.
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