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I have 3 kids and two are at FSU now under the prepaid tuition plan. I bought them when they were a year or so old. I also have a high school senior that I started a 529 plan when he was young. The prepaid has worked great and the 529 is ready for the senior to go to college in a year. There are benefits to both and if I had to do it all over again I would probably go with 529 plans on all of them. I like the flexibility they offer over the prepaid plans.

The best thing is you are starting when your son is young. I have several friends who are struggling to pay for their kid's tuition because they did not plan when they were young. With two in college and one a year away from college we have not had any problems because we started when they were very young.

One more thing- If you do the prepaid with a dorm, I would only buy one year for thebdorm. After that they are probably going to want to move to annapt/fraternity/house/etc.
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