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Default Kids College Fund

I've been going back and forth between an individual 529 plan or the Florida pre-paid. I'm going to start with a little chunk of deposit of a few grand and then put about $300/month into either (about what FPP is monthly). My boy is 5 months. I've looked into the details of each for the most part and my personality tells me to go 529 but then something tells me just do the Florida Pre-paid. Mostly bc its guaranteed by the state and it's kind of set it and forget it and my wife feels more comfortable with that. Also talked to a couple financial buddies of mine and they slightly lean toward the 529 but not a slam dunk decision. Plus one ended up doing FPP anyway but he's in a different financial situation.

I want to get started asap but been sitting on fence too long already. Any suggestions/input would be appreciated.
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