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There are enough of us Floridians on here that you will hear mostly "do it" type answers. I would start looking now for work and let that be part of the guiding factor. Florida isn't exactly booming. But real estate is great for buyers.

I would second the Tampa area, specifically St. Pete for a place to live with a canal in the backyard at a reasonable price. Tampa is a big city but you can escape that by living down on the water. And I will say that you almost have to live on the water because you will want to be out on it as much as possible. You can spend the entire weekend on your boat around there without ever using your car. From going to other folks houses to going out to eat or going to the beach, the boat is how you will want to travel.

I was born in Clearwater and lived in Largo as a kid, it is a fun place to grow up if you do have kids someday. Since then I have lived all over, NC, NJ, NY, TX and will never live further north than where I am today, Fort Myers. I prefer it down here because we are a good bit closer to the Keys but work down here might be tough to come by.
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