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Default Might as well ask......

Well, first off im a new member here and from missouri. I have enjoyed the site and have already learned alot. However I am looking to relocating within the next year and during the course of a long discussion with the fiance Florida popped up. We are getting pretty serious about moving and Florida wont leave our minds. So what now?? I have searched for homes and pretty well know my own state but when it comes to Florida....outside of a few vacation trips I dont know where to even look. We are a young couple and she enjoys going out and taking my credit card with her.....which is long as it lets me fish. Any ideas about where to look for a home on the gulf side?? Keep in mind I will have to quit my job and try to find work in the new area. Did I mention the closer to the water we are the better

And yes....Im prepared for all types of responses
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